Ptolemaeus Arabus et Latinus

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Currently available positions

Doctoral student position 2023-2026 for a Latinist, an Arabist or a historian of medieval/early modern science

  • One 3-year position expected to commence on 1 October 2023 or as soon as possible thereafter.
  • The monthly allowance is € 2722 (German pay scale 65% TV-L E13), liable to deductions for tax, social security benefits and retirement provisions.
  • The contract will be with the University of Würzburg and the Project Director, Prof. Dr. Dag Nikolaus Hasse, will normally serve as the main supervisor or as a co-supervisor. There is also provision for the student to spend a period of time at our partner institute, the Warburg Institute (University of London), under the supervision of Professor Charles Burnett. The doctoral student is otherwise expected to work in Munich, together with the research team, or in Würzburg. Proposals for collaboration with other institutions and professors are welcome, and the main supervisor may be from a different university.
  • Qualifications and skills: applicants must hold a Master or an equivalent degree in an area relevant to the Project, have an excellent knowledge of Latin and/or Arabic and a good command of English (the primary language of publication of the Project). Applicants should also have research interests in line with PAL objectives, in particular in the history of medieval or early modern science, in the making of critical editions of Arabic or Latin texts, and/or in handling manuscripts. The doctoral dissertation can be written in English (preferred) or German.
  • The doctoral student will be able to spend most of his/her working time on his/her dissertation, whose topic will be in line with PAL objectives and will normally include the edition of an Arabic or Latin text (or both). The contract carries with it no teaching or administrative duties, but the doctoral student is expected to devote part of his/her time to other aspects of the Project.
  • The doctoral student will be given the opportunity to publish his/her doctoral dissertation in the PAL book series (Brepols) and, where relevant, on the PAL web interface, and he/she should agree to publish his/her dissertation in priority through those media. All contributions by the doctoral student will be published under his/her own name and authorship will be duly acknowledged in every collaborative output, including online publications.
  • Applications should be sent in English or German to Prof. Dr. Dag Nikolaus Hasse by email ( before 30 April 2023. Applications should include a complete CV (with a list of publications where applicable); an outline (1-3 pages) of the proposed research project; and two letters of recommendation by academic referees. The letters of recommendation must be sent directly by the referees, either by email or by post (Prof. Dr. Dag Nikolaus Hasse, Institut für Philosophie, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, Residenz – Südflügel, 97070 Würzburg, Germany).

Receipt of all applications will be acknowledged.

The outcome of all applications will be notified by email as soon as a decision is made.

Short-listed applicants will be invited to an on-campus or online interview.

For further enquiries and consultation on possible projects, please contact Dag Nikolaus Hasse, David Juste or Benno van Dalen at

(PDF version of this call for applications)

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